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Ipix is Dead at last.
4th of August 2006

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Adora Photography

For many years now Ipix have held back the development of this photography type with a simple patent that stops people stitching together 2 fish eye images together to make a sphere. This entire photography was only possible because of the work that has been put in for free by huge amounts of people world wide, mostly for free and in their own time, like Dr Helmut Dersch to name a few.

Now the company has fallen, it will take a while to find what is going to happen to the patents and licenses and who will take it over, but there are many people out there that use their system and will require licences to produce virtual tours. Which if not acted up on soon will move to another software like Realviz that does a very similar type of product but doesn't need a licence key every time you save a movie. So by the time the new owners get it on its feet, hopefully most people will have moved on to another product.

Lets see who buys the patents, my bet will be somebody like VR Toolbox or Realviz that have both already a dominant market position.

Washington Business Journal reported a loss of $3.8 Million dollars in the fist quarter of this year, and their stock plummeted from a healthy $17 per share in 2004 down to a recent 50 cents per share when Nasdaq halted their trading of the companies stock on the 28th of July.

Even up to the year 2000, Ipix employed 750 employees and had a cash injection of $30m in 2001 from a group of venture capitalists.

The companies highest profile project was a contract form the department of defence advanced research projects agency, under which Ipix was researching and developing what was to be the worlds highest resolution video camera.

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It is safe to say, very few people will miss Ipix except the list of Realtors and Estate agents that paid for equipment and software to now find they wont be able to buy Keys to generate the movies.

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