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Really only the
Nightlife > Pubs/Clubs and a bit of the restaurants are still working properly. We havent uploaded the entire site as it is huge. This is just a demo to show you roughly what was here until 2003.


The VR Sunderland project has been part funded by the Northern Arts Council, and the Prince of Wales Trust. We are also in the process of applying for funding from the Sunderland City Council.

If at any where on the site you cant find something or want some thing adding, just send us an Email, and we will try and get it included within 7 Days.

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Time Line

The River

Other Virtual sites in North East

Web Cam

During April 03 we had 52,412 pages looked at on this site.

We will pay the first £50 to any meal in any restaurant in Sunderland, Click here for more info.

To 'VR Sunderland', a new site which is being developed by New World Designs in conjunction with Sunderland City Council.

The aim of this site is, as the name suggests, to 'Virtualise' Sunderland. To allow people to familiarise themselves with Sunderland from their computers.

This also allows businesses to give people a taste of their Venues, interiors, exteriors, products and services by means of a virtual tour.

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