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Welcome to and a site dedicated to Quicktime Virtual Reality

Welcome to the official home of Quicktime virtual reality


15 Feb 2007
Real North East was a website we built over 5 years from 1998 - 2003, it was taken offline as it was taken offline as it was too much hassel to update and took too long to try and keep on top of it. I have just found it on a CD and added it to this site so you can see it and have a play.

It has 4000 pages and about 800 QTVR movies, but its out of date and no longer used.

2 Feb 07

Sony Buys IPIX
Click here for more info
I have also just added a few more images to Panoramio, which i have added the link to the front page of this site to the left there.

25 Sept 06

Full Screen Movies
Full screen size movies section has been added.
When we first built this site, for dial up users to download the VR tours, it was almost imposible download the Full screen tours, so we needed to reduce the quality and movie size to cope.

Now with broadband, we are able to release full size and quality VR Tours.

4 Aug 06 has become a member of the International VR Photography Association.
Visit our page here

1 Aug 06 Ipix is Dead
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At last the company that has held back the progression of this photography under a twisted patent law has filed for bankruptcy.
"What goes around, comes around"
Strange that they filed for the bankruptcy days after realviz released released version 5.5 with fisheye abilities.

31 Mar 06

Keswick Boat House
Well after a 7 year relationship, i figured i better ask the Big Q, read all about it here

20 Feb 06

Site rebuild
The entire site has been rebuilt over the last few days, adding in fresh new content, and building it so it is now easier to use and find the content in one go. There has been an entire restructure of the object vr section and about another 35 new movies.
Also 2 new sections have been added, Fun and Sets. if you can think of any more content please let me know through the contact us section.

01 Aug 05

This site is now at the very top of the worlds top search engines, click below to follow links and see them working.


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05 Feb 05
We have released 2 new sites, but they are both very young and need filling up. The first is
Real Sunderland
and the next is
Real Lakes.
Many of the Real Lakes 40 QuickTime VR movies of the English Lake District, including Keswick, Great Gable, Ulswater Steamers, are also available on this site here.

10 Dec 04

We have had a young student called Dan, and he made a QTVR object movie, check it out here

04 Nov 04
Another record breaking month, 512,000 visitors thankyou with 420,000 movies looked at, thats 1 person every 5 seconds :)

But you guys still arnt leaving messages on our forum, even to say hello?

Click here to visit the forum you dont need to be registered to add a coment in this section. So dont be lazy!!!! Your getting this site for free ;o)

03 Nov 04
Happy Birthday 1 yr old today

01 Aug 04

Record new visitor count, 312,000 during July

28 July 04
HMS Ocean leaves from behind our offices, please take a look at the movie

19 Jul 04

new Photoghs of Newcastle's Millenium Bridge added

20 Jun 04
web cam with virtual tours live today

08 may 04
New tours of English The Lake District

Where else are my images on the internet?
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