Welcome to the gallery section of the Quick Time vVirtual Reality site. In here you will find virtual tours of Cumbria, Lakes, North East, Object, as single and multi node movies.
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About this site

Welcome to Quick Time Virtual Reality.
This site is designed as a free gallery for visitors to view tours, and photographers to display their work. We charge neither photographers or do we charge viewers, this site is 100% for fun only.

Whether you call it 360 degree panoramic photography, 360 panoramic images, QTVR or Quick Time Virtual Reality it is all the same thing. It is either a set off images stitched together to produce one panoramic image and then rapped up into a movie to be viewed through some kind of Viewer.

But to try and make a bit of pocket money, we do sell software and hardware regarding this photography. We can provide everything from the cameras to the software required to make it all.

Commercially it is used for Hotels, Restaurants, estate agents / real estate, and many other industries. With our free forum you can ask questions that either we or other users of the site can answer.

Quick Time Virtual Reality or QTVR was developed by apple Macintosh through a software called Quick Time Authoring Studio, but was really put into first use by Dr Helmut Dursch, it has now been put into use by many companies around the world, to show their little bit of the world, click on the galleries to see our little bit here.