Welcome to the nightclub gallery section of the Quick Time Virtual Reality site. In here you will find virtual tours of nightclubs, bars and pubs based in sunderland, newcastle, durham, darlington and tees side, teesvalley, tees valley
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This text is replaced by the Flash movie.

We produce object QTVR movies using turntables and studio equipment.

Object Virtual movies are movies that are of objects placed onto a turntable and whilst revolving are photographed at equal stages of the rotation. The stages i use is once every 10 degrees or 36 times per full rotation.

Multi Row
Multi row is where not only has it the object been rotated once to get it from all around it 360 degrees, it has also been tilted and then rotated again, to give it a full 360 degree rotation with a 180 degree over the top or bottom view. The same photography can also be used by instead of tilting the object, it will move or animate the object in a different way to the first view, as the flash gun besides here has been photographed.

Single Row
This just means it has been photographed in one rotation, and not tilted or moved for another set of images. This is the same as the engine component to the right here, because there is nothing to view above or below the object, and it keeps the file size to a minimum for download reasons.

I have only placed a few movies on here, but the ice sculptures are not produced in the studio. As the ice sculptures melt and we have a lot of electrical equipment, it was decided to take the turntable to them and use their low voltage lighting equipment.

Flash Gun Object virtual reality

This is a flash gun for a camera that has been taken in 3 movies

High quality 3.5MB
Multi row photography

Medium Quality 0.8MB
Multi row photography

Small file size 0.2MB
Single row photography

I strongly recommend you download the medium file for the internet use. It is very very good

Engine component This was produced for an engineering company, to allow other people to put in tenders for a new job, it allowed the viewers to be able to see the component from all angles.
Elephant ice sculpture Object virtual reality This baby elephant was produced by hand form a solid block of ice by Sub Zero Ice Art, we produced this for their site.
Sturgeon fish ice sculpture Object virtual reality This sculpture is from the same set as the one above but of a Sturgeon.
Kissing doves ice sculpture Object virtual reality This sculpture is from the same set as the one above but of two kissing doves.