Welcome to the gallery section of the Quick Time vVirtual Reality site. In here you will find virtual tours of Cumbria, Lakes, North East, Object, as single and multi node movies.
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Plug-In page

On this page you will find all different types of plug ins you need to view virtual tours. If you find we have forgotten to put one on here or a link is going to the wrong place please tell us by using the contact section,

Quick Time
The main one needed is the Quick Time plug in. You must have this installed on your computer to view the virtual tours on this site. You cannot use any other type of player to view them. It is completely free for the standard player, and about £20 for the pro version. The pro version allows you to save movies direct from the browser by right clicking on it, allows you to save and re save movies. You may also add your own copyright info and change the format it is saved in for example from a .mov to a mpg. It is well worth £20.
To down load it click here

Sun Java
All java applets can be opened with this plug in, so most Other types of virtual tours such as can be viewed when you have this installed. It also allows you to see many other things on the internet and is a very useful piece of software to have installed.
The link below will take you to the java.com website where it will automatically test if you have installed the latest version of Java. If it does not work for any reason just click on the free plug in download button.
For much more info and to download click here

Ipix is a very independent kind of software. Many true VR photographers dont like this process, and you will find many sites including this one, will remove any links that refer to it. The reason why is they charge for the privilege of producing every single movie saved, (about $25 US for each movie made, when most other software is free and produce better results). They produce a Java movie but not only are they extortionate in price, but it doesn't work on a Macintosh computer, so i would advise you not to use this, and if you need any help use the forums here where many people will advice you what to use. But if you still feel that you would like to help this company by viewing their finished products then click below
Ipix Plug in download page