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Kirkstone Pass
Summer 2002
Kirkstone pass is the connecting road between ulswater and Windermere which you can just a say see in the centre of the panoramic. This is the only road between them unless you want to do a 40 mile extra journey. This road here is probably the worst road in the UK as during the hight of tourist seasons, many coaches, motorbikes and cars travel over here per hour, but dont forget about the sheep, and walkers as well, great fun for a drive. I took this image as i needed a good sky photo and new it would give me a good image to cut into other ones in the future as well as to show the size of the road with all its twists. You cant see the gradiant on here, but when i was a lot younger i had a metro, and it could only make the hills in first gear. This is not a road for a novice driver.

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