Welcome to the gallery section of the Quick Time vVirtual Reality site. In here you will find virtual tours of Cumbria, Lakes, North East, Object, as single and multi node movies.
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Software Resources

This is the place for any links to software info and suppliers. If you know of any or you are one not listed please contact us. If you put a link to us, we will add your logo and put you to the top of the list.
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Stitching and Export for VR Cubic and pano Software

Pano Tools
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Pano Tools is the invention and free software produced by Dr Helmut Dersch. The software is a plug in for Photos hop or Paint shop Pro, and has amazing results prob better than most if not any commercial software. Only prob is the enormous steep learning curve, it took me with five years experience in stitching 3 solid days from 8am - 8pm to learn it, and I'm still learning. It is not for the amateur, its a nightmare to use. Visit the tutorial resources for many tutorials on how to use.



PTMac is an easy to use front end for creating panoramas using the powerful Panorama Tools (Pano Tools) package. PTMac takes the user through the panorama creation process one step at a time with a friendly interface. PTMac is available free for Mac OS X and OS 8.6 to 9.x only.

The web's only Flash® enabled Virtual Tour Software. So only the flash plug in is required to view the movies.
vr inspection

Apple Quick Time Authoring Studio.
This is the original software available from apple directly, You will find that most people are actually cheaper than apple, some times by quite some considerable amount.

Panoweaver is an easy-to-use and powerful panorama software which can stitch perfect 360*180 spherical and cubic panoramas from fisheye images.

One shot cone lenses for pano conferencing, Monitoring, Still photography and most other imaging work

One of the best stitching software available

Squamish produce a set of QTVR products just for the MAC. There products allow you to add Audio, and many other features to your QTVR's as well produce directly the movies

deliVRator v1.2.4 offers the most powerful, effective Quick Time™ tools for editing and optimizing Quick Time™ movies for the Internet. Use deliVRator to edit your Quick Time™ movies at the movie resource and media sample level.

stitching program for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. It creates high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images.

VR Worx has all the stitching power and export to Quick Time VR of many other packages but all rolled into one. But cannot produce Cubic VR. VR Toolbox announces the next generation…The VR Worx 2.5. Constructed for Mac OS X and Windows XP.

A stitcher and exporter software. allowing QTVR productions and Object QTVR's.

Panorama factory is a stitching software, designed like many of the others, that imports the images and exports out a full virtual tour in many formats including QTVR.

Realviz, allows the production of full Cubic spherical QTVR's and panoramas. Allows the stitching of many rows of photos into a full sphere

3D Creation and Animation programs
Many 3D packages can produce QTVR movies within the manufactured environment. And as this site is to deal with Virtual Reality, then i feel you cant get much more of a Virtual Reality that true walk around.

Full 3D rendering, animation, creation, and productions. With the ability to create TV quality out puts and photo realism.
Vue d'Esprite and Vue Pro. Vue is the most efficient and advanced solution for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D scenery.

Poser is a 3D character animation package. With many template figures of humans, animals and fictitious figures, that have joints and moving motions.

Bryce is a package that allows you to produce 3D virtual environments. With control over water, air, sky, land, plantations, and most other aspects of the environment.

Maya is the worlds leader in 3D animation and technology. With films such as Star wars episodes 1 and 2, Stuart Little, Lord of the rings under its belt what else can we say. but wow in ability, and price!!

3D Studio Max, is another market leader in 3D production. Not quite as good as Maya, but much more affordable to all artists.

True Space users must be a funny bunch. Their favorite 3D software has arguably the strangest interface we’ve ever encountered. Even the oddball modeler Amapi can’t match it. But while Caligari claims it improves workflow – we don’t doubt that seasoned trueSpace users can whiz round the app like well-oiled squirrels – if you’ve used just about any other pro 3D app, trueSpace will annoy and confound you.

The adobe 3D package has just been released and is an excellent 3D animation software for the web. With many simple drag and drop facilities and only one small plug in required, it is a very powerful and clever tool.
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